Most effective in-built oil recovery solution on the market for collecting light and raw oils

InBuiltRecoverer is a perfect retro-fit for operators looking to improve their collection capabilities of different oil qualities.

InbuiltRecoverer is a vessel integrated advancing skimming system designed for work boats from 15 metres to large vessels beyond 100 metres. Using light-weight materials has made it possible to save over 50 % of the weight of traditional systems.

Unique 2-brush solution consists of two brushes, which enable simultaneous recovery of oils with different levels of viscosity. Brush cassette gathers the more viscous oil, while the brush drum located underneath the brush cassette gathers the lighter oil. Brush cassette also collects oily debris from the water, tolerating even larger pieces of clutter. The patented oil scraper can be adjusted during the recovery, ensuring successful and efficient oil recovery regardless of the quality of the spilled oil.

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